Puppy Program

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Puppy Program – Focus Points:

– Proper socialization and exercise essential for a healthy, happy puppy.
– Positive experiences with other dogs as well as humans during pivotal developmental stages
– Consistent enforcement of proper behaviors and basic manners
– Mixed daycare and walks during week for appropriate rest and potty training support
– Cost effective with consistent care through highly trained pet care professionals

* multiple day packages expire after 90 days.

* lobby is closed 10am-1pm for incoming dogs.
* daycare dogs must arrive by 10am.

Puppy Program

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In keeping with Canine Crews’ focus on the overall health and happiness of dogs, we are pleased to announce our Puppy Program, designed specifically to help your puppy develop into a socialized and friendly member of your family. Because puppies are most responsive to learning and retaining experiences within the first 13 to 16 weeks after birth, these younger dogs will spend the majority of their time in our small dog room, with a schedule for introductions to multiple staff members and dogs in positive settings, increasing their human and dog socialization. This allows them to get used to our staff, our building, and the smells and sounds associated with a dog daycare and boarding facility. Other developmental programming includes plenty of naps to encourage crate training, monitored playtime with adult dogs, and the appropriate number of daily walks, all to facilitate the positive experiences that are pivotal in creating that balanced and happy member of your family.

As the larger breeds mature, more time in select groups of bigger dogs is scheduled to increase proper social and behavioral development, as adult dogs help establish boundaries and proper behaviors for interaction within the pack. Off-leash dog play, which is also part of the puppy program, is another excellent way for your pup to mature into a dog that enjoys the company of other dogs and humans in an engaged and healthy way.

For purposes of puppy development both at home and at Canine Crews, we offer our Puppy Program with daycare on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with walks scheduled on the alternate days (if you reside in our dog walk service area). We also offer a trial day (see pricing below). The walks begin as 10-minute puppy potty breaks two times a day, and then evolve to one 25-minute walk as your dog matures, with the tandem daycare regimen, encouraging the structured and positive situations which are crucial to developing that socialized, playful, and happy member of your family!


The Puppy Program accepts dogs under the age of 8 months. Puppies can start as young as 12 weeks provided they have received their first 2 sets of booster vaccines and their bordetella vaccination. We also require a clean fecal and a clean bill of health from your veterinarian. We recommend you discuss with your vet that your puppy will be spending a significant amount of time around other dogs.


Daycare is offered Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 7am-7pm. These three days are scheduled to allocate appropriate staff. We ask that you have your dog at daycare by 9am so they are part of the schedule designed to provide extra nap time and plenty of one-on-one attention and small group care. Daycare is designed to allow for morning, lunchtime and afternoon naps, puppy playtime, and adult playtime with specific puppy-friendly dogs. We can certainly accommodate puppies on any of our regular business days for daycare or boarding. Do note those days will not be part of the weekly program at the discounted pricing structure.

Walks are offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Fridays as an option. We typically start with two 10 minute potty breaks a day to facilitate potty training, and then migrate to one 25 minute walk once they have reached 6 months of age. We want to keep your pup happy and healthy and are of course flexible in shifting needs as your dog matures.


We recommend that you bring your puppy lunch. Please provide a reusable dish or bag with your dog’s name clearly written on the container. If you prefer, you can send a week’s worth of food at a time, as we can store it and feed according to your instructions. You can also send treats for us to use during learning sessions! Be sure to provide us with any information regarding allergies or sensitivities. We also have plenty of food and treats available for purchase in our retail area of our lobby.

CostDescription*Full Price Cost
$110.00Daycare Monday, Wednesday and Friday; walks Tuesday and ThursdayValue $128.00 - $148.00*
$88.00Daycare Monday and Wednesday; walks Tuesday and ThursdayValue $96.00 - $116.00*
$75.00Daycare ONLY Monday, Wednesday, and FridayValue $96.00
$55.00Daycare ONLY - Monday and WednesdayValue $64.00
$15.00Trial Day

* value range differs due to structure of two 10 minute walks or one 25 minute walk pricing.

**pricing is subject to change at any time.

Payment is due in full on Sunday or Monday leading in to the week, for the services described above (one week defined as Monday through Friday).  Any additional services are at full price.  Puppy Program packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.  After 8 months, dogs are no longer eligible for Puppy Program.