A. Yes! You can find more information on our puppy program page.

A.  Canine Crews requires DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus) , rabies, bordetello and a fecal exam for parasites. We also require that animal is on flea & tick preventative.

A.  All Chicago residents must have a current city dog license. They are available online at http://www.chicityclerk.com/community-affairs/dog-registration, or at the Office of the Chicago City Clerk, City Hall, Room 107, 121 N. La Salle Street, 312-744-3647. The cost is $5.00 and you must have proof of your pet’s current rabies vaccination and veterinarian documentation of dog’s spay or neuter.

A.  We do everything we can to preserve our environment and lower our negative impact on the earth. We use non-toxic cleaners & disinfectants, biodegradable poop bags, non-toxic toys, sell natural food and treats, recycle and use recycled products wherever we can.

A.  This is Canine Crews’ version of a Chicago dog park but without the Chicago weather. You bring your dog to play and you stay with them, just like you would at a park. This is an affordable way to keep your dog properly socialized in a clean, safe environment and expand your social network of other dog owners. Winter months only, please call or email for reservation. **Application, vaccinations & temperment testing are required.

A.  Yes – not younger than 4 months as long as they have completed their full vaccination series.

A.  Yes, we do require reservations as we do have a capacity and a 1:15 staff to dog ratio that we adhere to. You can do it online from this website for daycare, if you are an existing customer.

A.  Yes, we can do as a group in the daycare rooms or if you prefer, your dog can have a private kennel with a raised cot from 12-2pm.

A.  Baby talk, smooches, hugs and belly rubs are plentiful and FREE of charge. Just let us know if there is a special cuddle your dog prefers!

A.  You bet! We just ask that you make an appointment so we can give you the full attention you deserve.