Bark Park

 Due to lack of interest, we are currently not running Bark Park until further notice.

Looking for a way for your dog to play inside?  Contact Colllins Canine and schedule a doggie date!

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Doggie Dates

hosted by Collins Canine


As an adult some dogs still enjoy interacting with other dogs but as they mature many only like playing with certain dogs or maybe one on one. Since it is hard to find this type of play in day cares or dog parks we designed our Doggie Dates to allow those dogs to play with other dogs in a safe and controlled environment. These sessions are supervised by a professional trainer who is there to provide instruction and directions about how to get the most out of the play time. We also can find a date for your pup by matching him or her up with dogs that have similar play styles.


Who Should Attend?

Dogs that are over one year of age may attend. Dogs must already be socialized even if they aren’t comfortable in a day care or dog park environment. These sessions are not for dogs that are fearful or inappropriate with other dogs. Dogs that are not previous clients of Collins Canine or Canine Crews may be required to do an evaluation for a fee of $30.


Benefits to your Dog:

  • Release energy in a safe environment
  • Continue to practice proper socialization with other dogs
  • Be active, which is what he will naturally want to do


Benefits to Dog Owners:

  • Learn from a behavior professional what is appropriate play behavior
  • All dogs are fully vaccinated and evaluated for proper socialization
  • Enjoy a tired-out dog following the session


* Proof of vaccinations must be provided for non-customers, dogs must be social and any rough or inappropriate play may result in being asked to leave the event. Reservations are required.


For more details, and to sign up, go to Collins Canine.