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Make your best friend happy with a visit to Canine Crews! We provide a fun, safe environment for canines of all sizes, breeds and age to properly socialize. With 12,000 square feet, we’ve got plenty of room for your best friends to play inside, and out. Located just West of Bucktown off North Avenue, we have four dedicated indoor play rooms, a fenced and secure outdoor area, plus space for group training. We offer overnight accommodations for approximately 75 pets – doggy siblings are welcome to share a room, if they’re more comfortable together. Our reception area also features some cool toys and healthy and delicious foods for your canine that are in line with or eco-friendly and all natural philosophy.

Did we say eco-friendly? We sure try, and we are learning more and more ways to be better to our planet. Canine Crews uses non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaners; serves and sells natural food & treats; uses biodegradable pet waste bags and liners, provides non-toxic toys and bedding, re-uses and recycles products whenever possible and encourages car-pooling for our dogs and employees. We specialize in excellent customer service and a healthy, fun environment suited to bring out a pet’s best qualities.

Canine Crews features Bark Park our version of a Chicago dog park without the Chicago weather. You bring your dog to play, and hang-out with them, just like you do at an outdoor dog park. But, at Bark Park, you’re always warm and dry and don’t have to worry about daylight savings time! This is an affordable way to keep your dog in shape and properly socialized, without exposing them (and you) to the often nasty elements we “enjoy” in Chicago. You make friends; they make friends and you take home a tired pup!

Canine Crews is proud to work with Animal Sense Canine Training & Behavior for our group training classes. Upcoming classes, pricing & registration can be found on their website – www.animalsense.com.

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We have everything you need! Daycare, boarding, grooming, walking, retail... we even have a dog bus for your convenience!

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Catherine Crews

Hi, I’m Catherine Crews and I graduated from the University of Arkansas with BA in History and in Art with a minor in Biology. I have lived in Chicago since 1999 and I bring a passion for animals along with the knowledge of running a small business. In my former life, I worked over 12 years in the metal industry. The last 10 years were with a company under 15 employees; building the work ethic and patience required in working with dogs – Oh, and people.

Growing up, I was that kid who brought every animal home to save. I had dogs, fish, cats, birds, snakes and a white mouse I unsuccessfully tried to hide from my mother. In college, while on a trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, I fell head over heels for a little fluff-ball that was the runt of a litter. I adopted my dog, Barney, from the local humane society that day. It was possibly the most transient point of my life, but we somehow survived my college years (thanks to a lot of dog-sitting from my parents). Barney came with me to St. Louis and then to Chicago where he lived to be almost 16 years old! He would have loved to come to Canine Crews but I lost him in February 2009! In the spring of 2011, a new dog decided to waltz into my life & has trained me very well. Carlos (Fu Man) has become an integral part of my world as well as buddy to the staff of Canine Crews. He’s a 12 pound mess of Schipperke & Poodle with a bit of Pomeranian thrown in for some fancy prancing. I call him a Schipper-Doodle but others call him Fancy Pants or Fu Man!

I have been working with rescues since 2005 and I have lost count of the number of fosters I have housed. There is nothing more satisfying than watching one of my beloved fosters find their new family – especially when they come to visit us at Canine Crews. I am also Pet First Aid/CPR certified through the American Red Cross.

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